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Monoclonal AHSA1 / AHA1 Antibody (clone 25F2.D9), Clone: 25F2.D9

APR14881G 0.05mg
EUR 484
Description: A Monoclonal antibody against Human AHSA1 / AHA1 (clone 25F2.D9). The antibodies are raised in Rat and are from clone 25F2.D9. This antibody is applicable in WB and IHC-P, IF, ICC, E, IP

Homeobox Protein Hox-D9 (HOXD9) Antibody

  • EUR 411.00
  • EUR 1845.00
  • EUR 599.00
  • EUR 182.00
  • EUR 300.00
  • 100 ug
  • 1 mg
  • 200 ug
  • 20 ug
  • 50 ug

Homeobox Protein Hox-D9 (HOXD9) Antibody

abx029794-400ul 400 ul
EUR 523

Homeobox Protein Hox-D9 (HOXD9) Antibody

abx029794-80l 80 µl
EUR 286

Homeobox Protein Hox-D9 (HOXD9) Antibody

  • EUR 425.00
  • EUR 342.00
  • 100 ug
  • 50 ug

Homeobox Protein Hox-D9 (Rat Hoxd9) Antibody

abx029622-400ul 400 ul
EUR 523

Homeobox Protein Hox-D9 (Rat Hoxd9) Antibody

abx029622-80l 80 µl
EUR 286

Chicken Homeobox protein Hox- D9, HOXD9 ELISA KIT

ELI-48280c 96 Tests
EUR 928

Human Homeobox protein Hox- D9, HOXD9 ELISA KIT

ELI-37584h 96 Tests
EUR 824

Mouse Homeobox protein Hox- D9, Hoxd9 ELISA KIT

ELI-31521m 96 Tests
EUR 865

Neuregulin/Heregulin-1? (NRG-1?/HRG-1?), human recombinant protein

P1054-1 1 mg
EUR 3947
Description: Neuregulin (NRG) is a signaling protein for ErbB2/ErbB4 receptor heterodimers on the cardiac muscle cells and plays an important role in heart structure and function through inducing cardiomyocyte differentiation

Angiotensin 1/2 (1-7) amide

A1054-1 1 mg
EUR 96
Description: Angiotensin I/II (1-7) amide (H2N-Asp-Arg-Val-Tyr-Ile-His-Pro-amide) is a peptide analog to angiotensin II that is used as a vasopressor in the treatment of certain types of shock and circulatory collapse.

Angiotensin 1/2 (1-8) amide

A1055-1 1 mg
EUR 96
Description: The physiologically active peptide angiotensin-2 (angiotensin 1- 8) is yielded from angiotensin-1, a substrate of ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme), by removing a dipeptide.

Endothelin-1 (1-15), amide, human

A1111-1 1 mg
EUR 722
Description: Endothelins are 21-amino acid vasoconstricting peptides produced primarily in the endothelium and have a key role in vascular homeostasis.

Haptoglobin, (Phenotype 1-1) Human Plasma

EUR 321

Flutax 1

B6986-1 1 mg
EUR 399


B4686-1 1 mg
EUR 268
Description: TAPI-1 is an inhibitor of tumour necrosis factor with IC50 value of 8.09 ?M [1].TAPI-1 is an inhibitor of TACE/ADAM17 which catalyzes the cleavage of full-length APP to the soluble N-terminal fragment (sAPP?).


B5240-1 1 mg
EUR 399


B5427-1 1 mg
EUR 268


B5446-1 1 mg
EUR 268


B5452-.1 100 ug
EUR 415


B5722-.1 100 ug
EUR 583
Description: ADWX 1 is a potent and selective inhibitor of KV1.3 channel with IC50 values of 1.89 pM and 0.65 nM for Kv1.3 and Kv1.1, respectively [1].

Purotoxin 1

B5771-.1 100 µg
EUR 380

Shz 1

B5772-1 1 mg
EUR 118

Psalmotoxin 1

B5796-.1 100 ug
EUR 447
Description: IC50: 0.9 nMPsalmotoxin 1 is a potent and selective acid-sensing ion channel 1a (ASIC1a) blocker.Several ASIC subunits described: ASIC1a, ASIC1b, ASIC2a, ASIC2b, and ASIC3 with different kinetics, tissue distribution, and external pH sensitivities.

UK 1

C5006-1 1 mg
EUR 363
Description: UK 1, an unusual bis-benzoxazole metabolite isolated from Streptomyces sp. 517-02, is an inhibitor of topoisomerase II (Topo II) and hepatitis C viral replication.


C5053-1 1 mg
EUR 132
Description: IC50: 30-60 nM for thyroid cancer cells KP372-1 is a specific Akt inhibitor. The phosphatidylinositol 3' kinase (PI3K)/phosphatase, which is a key regulator of cell proliferation and survival, is mutated or activated in various cancers.


B7566-1 1 mg
EUR 118


B7823-1 1 mg
EUR 154
Description: Rbin-1 is an eukaryotic ribosome assembly inhibitor.All cellular proteins are synthesized by ribosomes, whose biogenesis is a complex multi-step process quickly completed in eukaryotes.


EUR 142


B2991-1 1mg
EUR 125


EUR 204


EUR 137